Storage Ideas For Your New Condo in Oxnard

You’re ready to move on from your current living situation, and you’ve just signed a lease on a great new condo in Oxnard. Congratulations! As you pack your boxes, you’ve been dreaming of where you’ll put your furniture, what pictures will go on which walls and all those long walks you’ll take in your new … Continued

How To Make Your Move As Easy As Possible In Ventura County

Most of us have to move (or already have moved) several times throughout our adult lives, and moving is never fun. Since 1980, according to Census Bureau data, 43 million Americans have moved every year. Still, no matter how often you’ve done it and how experienced you are, moving remains chaotic and stressful and often … Continued

June 2018 Ventura County Real Estate Market Analysis

Today’s post will look at the Ventura County real estate market in June 2018. Inventory remains over the 2 month level for the 3rd month in a row. Prices are up 7.9% from last year and up 4.1% from last month. For purposes of this and future blog posts, Ventura County statistics are based off … Continued