7 Cheap Alternatives To Expensive Home Repair in Ventura

Sometimes owning a home isn’t all that much fun. Sure you love the weekend barbeques in the backyard and game nights with the kids in the living room. But when the plumbing starts to have problems or dry rot is destroying your window sills, home repairs get you down. They are often expensive with a … Continued

4 Myths About A Home Appraisal In Ventura County

A home appraisal is a key part in a real estate transaction when they buyer is getting a mortgage from a lender. Some people think that home appraisals are either arbitrary or overly complicated. An appraisal is nothing more than an opinion about the value of a home based off of data from similar houses … Continued

4 Reasons To Sell Your Home In The Spring In Ventura County

If you’re wondering when the best time to sell your Ventura County home is, this blog post will reveal 4 reasons why selling your house in spring in Ventura County may be the best time! “Should I sell now?” “Should I sell later?” “What is the best season to sell my house in?” Although Southern … Continued

How to Find a Real Estate Agent in Oxnard: Ask the Right Questions

The California Bureau of Real Estate’s (CalBRE) latest report (as of the writing of this article) shows that there are over 400,000 licensed real estate brokers and salespersons in California. That’s a lot to choose from. Even Ventura County has an abundance of realtors. How to find a real estate agent in Oxnard – the right … Continued

Planning Can Help Seniors Move Into A Smaller, Happy Home

This guest post was contributed by mentalhealthforseniors.com. Chances are if you’re getting ready to downsize your home, the thought of moving may be a little overwhelming. It’s important to plan so that you have plenty of time to initiate a successful and healthful move. That means getting started with preparation and having a good, thorough … Continued