Ventura County Events Happening In December 2019

Here are some of the events happening around Ventura County this month. Ventura Wine Walk and Holiday Street Fair The Social Event Of The Year is Celebrating 10 Years! The Ventura Winter Wine Walk & Holiday Street Fair will once again return to beautiful Downtown Ventura on Saturday, December 7th, 2019! The Most Magical day … Continued

How To Identify An Over-Priced House In Simi Valley

More often than not, sellers think their house is worth more than it actually is, more than fair market value. And that’s understandable because they have an emotional attachment to their home and can’t really look at it objectively. As a buyer, though, you don’t want to make a too high offer on an over-priced … Continued

4 Tips For Pricing Your House In Ventura County

Pricing your house right is the most important step in the sale process, as well as your most effective marketing tool. If your house isn’t priced to sell, chances are it will languish unsold on the market- which further decreases your chances of making a sale at or near the price you need. You will, … Continued

Tips For Buying and Selling Timeshares in Ventura County

A timeshare is simply a vacation-property arrangement that allows you to share the cost of the property with other people, and in return, you get some guaranteed time at that vacation property. As of the end of 2017, the timeshare industry was $9.6 billion industry. So it’s a huge industry, but still a mystery to … Continued

6 Things That Will Scare Away Buyers In Oxnard

  In a competitive housing market, you have to do everything you can to gain an edge on the competition. That means pricing competitively, making necessary repairs and upgrades, and maybe even offering concessions to sweeten the deal. No matter how much you do, though, homebuyers will always be (understandably) extremely picky, so you have … Continued

Checklist: What To Look For In A House in Ventura

When buying a house, you should know what to look for because it can save you a lot of expense, headache, and heartache down the road. There are, of course, the obvious red flags that most people know to heed, but there are plenty of other subtler signs that aren’t so well known. To help … Continued

Tips For Buying and Selling Condos in Ventura County

Buying and/or selling a condo is different from a single-family home transaction. The major differences lie in the fact that condos are part of a shared piece of property. Also, condo communities and HOAs come with some restrictions that must be taken into account. So whether you’re buying or selling for living or investment purposes, … Continued